Bonk Io 2

The beta test of Bonk io 2 has ended. The new version of the game is already available at our website. Don't forget to share your thoughts about it.
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Bonk Io 2 : Basic Overview

Bonk Io 2

With the growing popularity of multiplayer games, the number of really awesome and interesting games grows. But some of the games are pretty complex and difficult to play, while others require a lot of time to gain exp or level up. And then comes the Bonk Io game which is awesome from the beginning. You just open the game, join the server and play an match with different people all around the world. You can definitely register an account in the game to store your unlockable items there, but you can easily play as a guest. The idea of the game is simple and at the same time very interesting - you play as a ball who have to jump and push other players towards the dangerous areas to make them fall down or die. The variety of levels in this game is very big so you will never get bored playing the same level all the time. Your character (ball) can become heavy - that's a pretty nice feature to strike your enemies. The match continues until there is only one player left alive. Most common levels have no more than 5 players but in my oppinion 3 or 4 is the most suitable number for each round.

Bonk Io 2 is the second edition of the game with a lot of new interesting features and upgrades. Even though that the graphics is still the same, the developers did a really great job by adding hundreds of new levels, adding some new game modes and just working on bug fixes. This game is very addictive - once you start playing it you can play it for hours. The players during the match can chat with each other and that's also a good option. More information about game modes and unlockables can be found below.

About Maps & Game Modes

Bonk Io Maps

Even though that I have played a lot of different games, almost all of the games available today, I would like to say that no other game have so many different levels and maps which is growing day by day. The difference is not only in the design of the map - there are a lot of different concepts of the level - in some of them you just have to push your opponent to make it fall from stage, in others you have to hurry up and be the first who reach the special button. I also love the levels with some sharp objects like axe, where you have to survive while the giant axe is jumping upside down on the stage. When you start playing Bonk io 2 you will become familiar with most of them - almost all levels have a special instructions what to do so be careful - speed is not always the key to success.

Variety of different game modes is also the main reason of the popularity - Bonk Io features more that 3 modes which include:

Classic Mode The default mode in the game where the key to success is making the ball heavy. Arrows Mode In this game mode you can shoot arrows into enemies to make then knock off the map. Death Arrows -Similar to the arrows mode but here you can even kill enemy with arrows.

Sometimes I do play the arrows mode but the reason why I loved this game is the classic mode. You can see that most people share my view - you can see the number of online players in each mode, and the classic mode is always among the leaders. The game is very simple but at the same time very interesting - based on physics, it has a simple to undertand gameplay and options to make it popular - you can play with your friends or you can even play with other real players all around the world. For a newbie player there is a tutorial mode where you will be guided about most important rules of the game and shown the most common obstacles which you should keep away from.

Customize Your Character : Skins

Bonk Io Skins
When you enter the game, you may notice that some players have unique skins while others are just using different colors. The option for using custom skins is available only for registered users - for guests there is only available option for changing the primary color. So, if you are a registered user and want to make your custom skin for Bonk Io you should go to the third-party utility website where you can log into your account and create special skins. This tool is pretty simple and have drag and drop option - you can drag a picture from your computer and it will be used as your avatar. Keep in mind that you should export your skin to make it available in the Bonk Io skins menu.

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